What is it?

Focal Dystonia Hypnosis is an audio program which addresses the psychological and emotional issues that are an inevitable side effect for sufferers of this neurological condition. It certainly does not pretend to be a cure, but when used in conjunction with the treatments from your medical team, it is an excellent complimentary therapy. The series of informative audio lectures and powerful hypnosis sessions provide you with a mental 'tool kit' which restores your confidence and boosts your motivation to practice both your instrument and also the exercises and therapy that you may also be currently using.

STAGE ONE: The Lectures

If the word 'hypnosis' makes you feel a little un-easy, these audio lectures will put your mind very much at ease. With knowledge comes confidence. When you understand how it works, you'll be very excited to start using it. You'll learn about everything from brainwaves to beliefs and from trances to tricks of the mind and it is all presented in a very layman-friendly manner. We all self-administer medicines, lotions and potions to keep us healthy by simply visiting the pharmacy and picking up what we need. In the same way, you can self-administer a few thought processes which are potentially many times more powerful and have only beneficial side effects.

STAGE TWO: The Training

This hypnosis program is different for many key reasons. It is important that you understand a little bit of the science behind how it works and this is addressed in the lectures. The next vital part is that the user be capable of reaching a reasonably deep trance and for this reason the course includes four 'Trance Trainings' which each use different methods to lead the user into hypnosis. Everyone comes to hypnosis and trance in their own way, and what works for one person may not for another. By using four different methods in the Training Trances we have an excellent chance of teaching the user how to slip gracefully into trance with no effort at all. Having used these trainings a few times the "Will it work for me?" question which is probably ringing in your mind's ear will be answered with a certain "YES". Then we move onto stage three:

STAGE THREE: Belief Change

Belief Change is the vital stage which is often glossed over in many 'talking therapies'. If a part of you thinks that whatever therapy you are following is not going to work, then it probably wont. The audio lecture on Belief Change explains how you can manipulate your thoughts to your advantage and this strategy is firmly implanted in your mind using the Belief Change hypnosis track. There is also a hypnotic suggestion in the hypnosis track which helps you to make the decision to progress to the next stage only when you are ready to.

STAGE FOUR: Overcoming Focal Dystonia

This is the track which the whole program leads up to. Although it is very powerful hypnosis, this track is not in itself a cure for Focal Dystonia. However, this track facilitates cure by working with the unconscious mind. If you research the power of the unconscious mind with regards to healing, you'll find extraordinary evidence of what can be achieved.

STAGE FIVE: Regular Top-Ups

This is a track for daily use. This track deals with the way forward and installs the most powerful practice strategies on your instrument. Importantly it severs the link between a Dystonia-induced 'mistake' in your playing, with the subsequent slap that you give yourself in punishment. Here your attitude to mistakes is changed at a very deep level without sacrificing your quest for perfection. Think of the freedom this will give you when you perform and also be aware that one day you'll not need to use this track ever again.... :-)

PRICE: What Does It Cost?

The Lecture Tracks are all completely FREE. The Training Trances are all completely FREE. You'll get a tremendous amount out of all that material, even if it is just learning how to reach a nice refreshing trance in a matter of a few seconds. Grab them now from the Downloads page. Please distribute them as much as you like.... indeed, as much as you can!
I'd love to simply upload the Belief Change and the Overcoming Focal Dystonia tracks, charge you a few quid, and let the product sit on a server and be downloaded occasionally, but I'm afraid that if I did that, this powerful material would wind up getting shared and copied. There's an important element of commitment in any hypnosis therapy and the money you put down is a big part of that. If you get something for free off some dodgy file-sharing website, your unconscious wont place the same importance and value on it and you'll get very wishy-washy results. Wishy-washy results is simply not good enough for me. I've crafted this series of MP3s to be as powerful as possible and I'd be very frustrated if its potency were to be undermined at the last hurdle. 

So my solution to this is simple and it has two huge benefits:


So, how do I do this? Well, I make each and every copy to order. You, the purchaser, give me a little information about yourself, most importantly your name/instrument etc, and I record personalised suggestions and drop them into the hypnosis tracks. It's all multitrack recorded so I can do this without too much work - the bulk of the track will already be complete, but its a relatively easy job to personalise it specially for you. Obviously this is going to push the price up, but it might be a lot less than you think. Find out what half a dozen trips to a hypnotherapist would cost and then decide.

The price for the bespoke tracks (Belief Change, Overcoming Focal Dystonia and Regular Top-Up tracks) is around £750.00 depending upon the complexity of the issues addressed. Each case is different.