Here you can download a large proportion of the material completely free. The lectures will give you a thorough understanding of the way trance and hypnosis work and the Training Trances teach you the skill of developing a deep trance easily and quickly. Even if you decide not to go ahead and order the Belief Change, Overcoming FD and Daily Top-Up tracks, you will certainly learn some useful skills here.

Please feel free to distribute the free tracks - they are my advertising, in a way. Thank you for doing that for me. Please 'like' the facebook page: and if you would like to follow me on Twitter I'm

Enjoy the free stuff, and I look forward to your order.



  • Belief Change
  • Overcoming Focal Dystonia
  • Daily Top-Up


Please send me a personal email expressing your wish to buy the complete set of MP3s including the Belief Change, Overcoming FD and Daily Top-up tracks. I'll need a few days to record your personalised versions of these tracks, meanwhile you can continue using the Training Trances. When you get the tracks from me (usually within seven days) you will be completely ready for the hypnosis and will derive maximum benefit from it.

I will send you an email invoice with a clickable link to my secure server where you can pay using a credit or payment card. You can also pay me via PayPal if you prefer.

The price for the three bespoke tracks is in the region of 950 British pounds sterling depending upon the issues addressed. Each case is different.